Genital Wart Treatment / Podofilox Gel

Podofilox Gel-Genital Warts

Podofilox Gel helps to prevent the further development of certain kinds of cell. It is usually helpful to remedy genital warts that show up on the outside of the body, however this treatment is not a cure for genital warts, also it is not going to reduce the chances of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. The one preventive measure you can take to safeguard against getting an STD/STI, is have an HPV shot-Gardasil Shot. Discuss with your health care provider with regards to safe simple methods to protect against transmission during sex.

How to Use  Podofilox Gel ( Condylox Gel ) ?

This relief medication is used for external use only. Use it on the warts noted by a health care provider. It usually is applied once during the morning and once again at night for three days accompanied by a four day rest period. If it happens that the warts do not quite disappear, then this process is continued up to as much as 4 times. Get in touch with your health care provider for other alternatives if the warts do not go away after four weeks of the treatment solution.

Take precautions using this medication mainly because it might possibly irritate normal skin around the practical application site. You should not apply huge amounts, apply more frequently or use longer than directed. Your condition are not going to clear quicker, and the likelihood for side effects is often increased. Podofilox gel or cream  may eradicate warts in 45 to 58 out of 1 hundred men and women. Then again warts can come back after treatment.

Things To Know About Podofilox Gel

Podofilox Gel or cream is never to be used while pregnant, for the reason that this medication tend to be damaging to the fetus.
Take care not to use this medicine on any kind of warts or skin growths which have not been examined by your doctor.

Exactly what side-effects will I notice from using podofilox gel ?

Side effects that you ought to report to your prescriber or health practitioner as soon as is possible :

• blistering , burning , crusting , or scabbing of treated skin
• bleeding of treated skin
• dizziness
• blood in the urine
• throwing up ( might suggest excessive dosage )
• headache
• skin ulceration
• severe skin rash or swelling

Side effects that normally really do not have need of medical treatment ( report to your prescriber or health care professional if they continue or are bothersome ) :

• bad odor
• skin discoloration
• difficulty sleeping
• mild redness or itching of the skin
• dry skin
• problems with the foreskin of the penis
• flaking or peeling of the skin
• skin soreness
• stinging
• swelling of the skin
• pain during sexual intercourse

If you are looking for a medicine to cure your genital warts, PodofiloxGel is not a cure for genital warts.

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