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how close are doctors to finding a CURE for genital warts?

That is not true, some people contract it from rape, which is not at ALL their own fault.

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  1. Lily L says:

    Actually, quite close! Sorta.

    There are a few clincal trials going on the test a theraputic HPV vaccine. They give you injections that boost your immune system to specifically target HPV. I hear they are having success!

    However, the trials are not testing for regression of genital warts, they are testing to see if the vacccine helps in regression of cervical dysplasia (precancer). Warts suck, but trust me cancer is worse.

    But if this vaccine gets approved for use in the treatment of cervical dysplasia, it will be available from gynos everywhere. So technically there would not be a genital warts cure out there, but there would be a treatment for dysplasia that would probably be effective in an "off label" use against gential warts.