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Does Apple Cidar Vinegar Cure Genital Warts

No research or research studies have thus far reinforced this method. Yet, as much as 85% of users state results within 8 weeks. There are 3 significant reasons people normally believe the apple cider vinegar remedy is the correct way to go. First, it really is an organic and natural remedial measure and is not going to include the utilization of any specific harsh chemicals. Second, it is less expensive compared to other cures. Last, it usually is safe. Users usually do not report side-effects except moderate burning sensation.

For individuals who wish to try using apple cider vinegar as a home treatment to deal with their genital warts, utilize as follows:

• Soak a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar one time each day and tape it to the warts for a time period of several hours each day. If it gets to be too irritated, remove at once.

• After taking off the cotton balls , thoroughly clean and moisturize the areas using an germ killing soap and a soothing body moisturizing cream.

• Apply this method every day for approximately 3 weeks, should there be no positive change; consider different potential home treatment alternatives to clear away your HPV genital warts.

How To Remove Genital Warts At Home

Below are a few of the more widespread natural home remedies for the treatment of genital warts (besides apple cider vinegar):
1. Wartrol: Wartrol is regarded as the most popular home treatments for genital warts. Comes with a brush applicator, is coated on the surface of the infected area, and works quickly, fairly quickly soothing itching sensation and inflammation, and acts on the warts at the root. Wartrol is made up of natural active ingredients 100% approved by the FDA.

2. Tea tree oil: Which is among nature’s most effective natural antiseptics, a lot of people trust its intrinsic healing characteristics. Just put in a cupful of tea tree oil to your hot bath water every evening, lay back, and soak for approximately twenty or so minutes.

3. Bleach: Apply bleach to the warts 2 or 3 times per day with a cotton ball

4. Castor oil: Many people swear by castor oil as an approach to get rid of genital warts totally. Apply the castor oil to the warts several times until the warts start to recede.

5. Fresh garlic: It maybe simply an old wives tale, nevertheless a lot of people think strongly that blending garlic with castor oil is enough the trick. Metho : Put on a fresh cut of garlic as an additional layer on the top of the castor oil, tape in place, and allow over-night. Perform this procedure each night until the preferred outcome are attained.

6. Banana peel: Banana peel patches can be used to the warts overnight. Numerous people think of this as being one of the most effective home solutions for genital warts.

7. Vitamin A or beta carotene: Method – coat the genital warts with either beta carotene or vitamin A 2 times per day.

Even though several of the above home remedies will turn out to be useful in some instances, generally, you need to rather choose an effectively blended, non prescription treatment method such as Wartrol.


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